• No hair matting: the rounded collar is comfortable for both short and long haired dogs. It reduces hair matting and eliminates hair pulling. Perfect choice for dogs with sensitive skin.
    • Comfy & Durable: soft yet strong - great alternative to a nylon collar! It is less likely to become fray and stained. The collar is made from high quality cotton rope - will not be rough to your dogs. The soft-graded leather is smooth to touch which also adds some attitudes to the cotton rope.
    • Easy to adjust: it is easy to adjust with 5 holes on the leather strap – good for those fluffy pups who slimmed down a few inches after a haircut. The collar is securely fastened like a belt.
    • Matching set: pair it with a matching leash and get a discount!

    Don’t forget the 2-finger rule when wearing the collar! It should not be too tight but snug enough to fit two fingers in between.

    Eva Collar Brown

    $35.99 Regular Price
    $20.99Sale Price
      S 3/4'' 9-12''
      M 3/4'' 12-15''
      L 1'' 15-18''