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How to Reverse Your Reversible Dog Harness

Transform your harness in just a few simple steps and enjoy its alternate design:

  1. Unfasten the Back Strap: Start by unbuckling the strap on the back of the harness.

  2. Turn the Harness Inside Out: Flip the harness so that the inner side, whether it’s mesh or neoprene, is now on the outside.

  3. Detach the Back Strap: Remove the back strap from the loop strap located at the base of the harness near the D-ring.

  4. Thread the Loop Strap: Push the loop strap through the hole where the D-ring is attached.

  5. Twist the Body Strap: Rotate the strap that runs through the body of the harness so it faces the opposite direction.

  6. Reattach the Back Strap: Reinsert the back strap through the loop strap at the base of the harness, ensuring the strap and buckles are now oriented in the opposite direction.

  7. Secure the Buckles: Click the buckles back into place.

And there you have it! Your reversible dog harness is now reversed and ready for use.

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