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PETs R US – Your Destination for Premium, Fashionable, and Durable Dog Clothing

At PETs R US, we believe dogs deserve comfort and style. Our Wear collection is designed to offer practical and fashionable solutions for your furry friends, ensuring they look and feel their best every day. From cozy dog sweatshirts to protective dog raincoats, our extensive range of dog clothing caters to all seasons and occasions.

Stylish and Comfortable Dog Apparel

Explore our diverse selection of dog clothing, including:

Waterproof Dog Vests: Insulated with a glossy finish and poly fill for ultimate protection and style. Our waterproof dog vest keeps your dog dry and comfortable.

Puffer Dog Coats: Designed to keep your dog warm during cold weather, our puffer dog coats offer insulation and comfort.

Dog Raincoats: Waterproof and hooded to ensure your dog stays dry in any weather. These dog raincoats are perfect for rainy days.

Corduroy Dog Vests: Classic and warm, ideal for colder days. Our corduroy dog vests provide both style and warmth.

Cotton Dog Sweatshirts: Soft and breathable, providing comfort and style. These cotton dog sweatshirts are perfect for everyday wear.

Dog Hoodies: Cozy and stylish, perfect for cooler weather. Our dog hoodies are designed for comfort and fashion.

Premium Materials and Superior Craftsmanship

Our dog wear is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and comfort:

Soft Cotton: Gentle on your dog’s skin and breathable. Our cotton dog sweatshirts and hoodies are perfect for sensitive skin.

Waterproof Fabrics: Ideal for rainy days, keeping your dog dry. Our waterproof dog vests and raincoats are made from premium materials.

Warm Fleece: Provides extra warmth during cold weather. Perfect for our puffer dog coats.

Durable Polyester: Long-lasting and easy to clean. Ensures that our dog vests and coats withstand daily wear.

Trendy and Functional Designs

Our dog wear collection features trendy and functional designs:

Minimalistic Designs: Clean and simple aesthetics for a timeless look. Our dog clothing features minimalistic designs that suit any style.

Neutral Colors: Elegant and versatile colors suitable for any occasion. Our dog apparel comes in neutral colors for a classic look.

Adjustable Features: Ensures a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. Our dog vests and coats have adjustable features for comfort.

Easy On/Off: Convenient designs for hassle-free dressing. Our dog sweatshirts and hoodies are designed for easy wear.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Designed for busy dog owners, our clothing is easy to maintain:

Hand Wash Recommended: Keeps your dog's clothes in great condition. Hand wash our dog vests and coats for longevity.

Quick-Dry Fabrics: Fast drying for quick reuse. Our dog wear features quick-dry fabrics for convenience.

​​​​Why Choose PETs R US for Pet Wear?

Premium Quality: Made from top-tier materials for comfort and durability. Our dog clothing is crafted with the best materials.

Stylish Designs: Fashion-forward and functional apparel for all occasions. Our dog wear collection is stylish and trendy.

Perfect Fit: Adjustable clothing for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Our designs ensure a perfect fit for any dog.

Nationwide Free Shipping: Convenient delivery right to your door. Enjoy free shipping on all dog clothing orders.

Whether you're looking for stylish new outfits for your dog or durable everyday wear, PETs R US has the perfect solution. Enhance your dog’s wardrobe with our premium range of dog clothing. Explore our Wear collection today and find the ideal attire for your beloved dog.

Explore our Wear collection today and give your dog the style and comfort they deserve!

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