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Pug Harness.

Comfortable and Secure Harness for Pugs

Pugs require harnesses that cater to their unique body shape and respiratory issues.

Understanding Pugs

Appearance and Size:

  • Small, sturdy build, typically weighing 14-18 pounds.

  • Short muzzle and wrinkled face.


  • Playful, affectionate, and sociable.

  • Great with families.

  • Moderate energy levels needing regular walks.

Common Health Issues:

  • Prone to brachycephalic syndrome.

  • Susceptible to obesity and hip dysplasia.

Recommended Harnesses for Pugs

  1. No Pull Harness:

    • Distributes pressure evenly.

    • Reduces strain on the neck and chest.

  2. Fully Adjustable Harness:

    • Customizable fit to ensure comfort.

    • Prevents chafing.

  3. Step-In Harness:

    • Easy to put on and take off.

    • Suitable for their broad chests.

  4. Front Clip Harness:

    • Provides better control during walks.

    • Useful for training.

Choose soft, breathable materials to keep your Pug comfortable. Proper measurement is essential for the best fit.

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